Well, we’ve done it.

It was a decision a long time in the making to leave our home in New York’s West Village, where we resided for the majority of our adult lives.  I always said that when I’d choose staying home over exploring something new because the crowds were just too crushing, or the snow was too deep and the plows hadn’t come, or it was too cold/hot, it was time to leave and turn the reigns over to a new generation of New Yorkers.  That time had come.

We’d been visiting this bucolic area of Western North Carolina for several years, to be sure that we and Asheville would be as ideally suited for each other as we thought we’d be.  Criteria like a temperate climate, proximity to good medical care, arts and culture, a thriving food community (who am I kidding, this was the first and most important category), continuing education, political leanings mirroring our own, not to mention a garden, and a grill to use almost all year round. All were listed and all were ticked off.

All we had to do was find a place where we three senior former hippies could embrace what seems to be a new trend taking place in our demographic: living communally with one’s closest friends, to make aging in place a much more achievable reality.  Our choice was easily made: one house with two master suites and shared public space on a nice piece of land with neighbors close by, but not too close.  Each of us would bring a certain skill to our little Shangri-la, thereby not saddling any one of us with too many responsibilities.  I’m the cook and purchasing agent, ensuring we’ll never go with out a meal and always have enough toilet paper in the house.  J2, our best friend, is the head mechanic, superintendent and all around fixer.  J1, my wife, is the fluffer.  I’ll leave that right there.

So, we have found a place to begin this chapter of our lives.  A building lot’s been bought, an architect engaged, and builders are being interviewed.  We should have a house to move into by November or December of 2018, should being the operative word.

In the meantime, I’ll be chronicling our adventures as we leave this major metropolitan Northeast city, and head to the the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and do what retired people do.  Whatever that is.